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We are disaggregating data from L1 to L2 based on the past data. As a part of it we are getting decimal data in the L2s. We tried Round Off, But It is not matching the data of L1, due to round off.


Is there any way to get the data in whole numbers, without losing the data.






  • @Badam 

    Could you please give some examples?

  • @Badam : have you tried using Round function with rounding direction as nearest and method as exact ?




    ~ Jitendra

  • The MOD() function may also be of help as this returns the integer part of a decimal number - similar to the TRUNC() function in Excel

  • Thnking more - what you will need to do is to calculate the number without rounding (including all aggregations) then round the answer

  • Badam



    We are using the round function, but as we have many more than 2000+ SKUs, It is leading to big round off gap.


    So, we tried using 0 decimals, but the customer is downloading the data and finding 4.21042 numbers. So it is creating confusion for him.


    Do you have any suggestions for this problem

  • There are always many ways to achieve things in Anaplan, the approach depends on how things are set up.  It would be helpful to understand the dimensionality of the source module, the dimensionality of the target module and the formula you are trying to use.  Would you be able to post?

  • Hi 

    Please use more decimal points if data is big or you are using data where it is already suppressed by dividing it by unit of measurement.

    In such cases it is better to multiply with units to return the exact number instead of bringing it to any UOM. 

    And finally at the reporting time you can use the rounding off to nearest value and again divide the numerical to bring to UOM. This way you can avoid the loss of data due to rounding off.