Issue when importing from one module to another



I have an issue when importing data from one module to another, and the scenario is the following:

I have a source module with "Projects" as dimension, and a target module, also with "Projects" as dimensions. The source module is a "calculator", where you can enter values and factors, which then calculates the final values. These final values can then, through an action, be imported into the target module and is then use throughout the model.

Now to the problem: If the project owner for project A is entering values in the source module, and then runs the action, the values for all other projects are also imported to the target module, not just the one the project owner is working on. 

So what I would need is a filter, that is automatically based on what is selected in the page selectors in the dashboard, but this, as far as I know, does not exist. The solution I have found so far is to have a boolean which needs to be checked to "confirm" before running the import, but this is obviously not ideal since it requires another manual input.

I cannot either delete all the values in the source module since these are required for future reference. 

So in short, when the action to import the values is run, I want it to only run it for the project that is selected in the page selector.

Any help is highly appreciated, thanks a lot!

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  • MarkWarren
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    Why do you think this needs to be done by an import, what is the reasoning?

    If the data was connected via line items then only the cells you are changing will be used in the calculations to other modules. 


    If you need to do it this way you are looking at adding in a filter based on User selections, this adds a large performance cost and is usually not a good tradeoff.