2.4.7 Activity: Create Saved Views for UX


I'm lost at conditional formatting to only show the highlighted items in the example. Is there another formula I should be using in a module or this same module? How do I get the conditional formatting box to allow me to select "SF Bay..."?Capture.PNG


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  • ryan_kohn
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    Conditional Formatting is always applied to a Line Item. The "SF Bay..." items shown in the screenshot are actually List Items. If you look a bit closer at the screenshot, you can see that the conditional formatting is only applied to the Final Forecast line item and not the Initial Demand Forecast line item. In this screenshot, it appears that the row for SF Bay Water Taffy_EN is selected and thus highlighted in a light blue color, but there is no conditional formatting actually applied.


    In this example, you want to format only the Final Forecast line item, and the conditional formatting is based on the value present in the Final Forecast cf line item.


  • Good morning and thank you! I got it the other night but forgot to come back here and edit my post.