Do you use My Pages?


Hoping to get some feedback from this amazing community!


I have been reading lately about My Pages. If you're not familiar with this feature, here are some links with more information:


My questions to the Community:

  1. Do your end users use My Pages today? Do you use them for yourself?
  2. If your users don't use them: why not?
  3. If your users do use them: what sort of enablement or training information did you provide to help people use them?


I am also interested if anyone is using Card Templates to support building My Pages at all. It seems like they would be useful for this. There is a recently published best practice article on card templates that piqued my interest.



Personally speaking, I use My Pages occasionally when I prefer different pivots or sorts than the ones provided to me. However, I don't often add new cards to the pages because I'm not familiar with the structure of the model when I'm not the one that built it.


Very curious on other people's experiences!


  • Hi Ryan, 


    Like you I find that our users will create a MyPage to save a view of a worksheet that was already created for this by the model page builder.   Our implementation team seeks to create standard page views that will meet the majority of the end users needs to eliminate the need for customized MyPages. 


    Some of the feedback I hear against MyPage is that they can't share the view with other members of their team and the personal page isn't supported by the workspace admin (you can't troubleshoot what you can't see). 


    We provided training to the users in conjunction with a worksheet page we released to give them an ad-hoc report based on filtering, pivot, show/hide, etc. criteria that they select.  We haven't done any training on creating a MyPage from scratch.