Level 2 Sprint 1 - Import Data into Historic Volumes Module

Hi Anaplan Masters,

I am unable to understand what is wrong in my selection.

I tried with other mappings also knowingly that are not correct .

attached is the mapping which i consider that is correct but unfortunately I am wrong bcz it shows the error after import.

Request you to please help me for this.



Abhishek Adhikary

Best Answers

  • @Abhishek90 


    It seems that your time scale mapping is causing the trouble. Could you please post the snip of your mapping table.




  • Abhishek90
    Answer ✓

    Hello Anand,

    Thanks for your response !

    Request you to see the pages no 2 & 3 for the same.


    Thanks in advance 😇🙏

  • ManjunathKN
    Answer ✓

    Hi @Abhishek90 

    Why your volume line item is a subsidiary view. check for the time range applied to this line item and keep same as main time scale.


  • Abhishek90
    Answer ✓

    Thanks you so much Manjunath 🙏 I am able to solve this now 🙂 🙂