Apps related to unarchived models


I have recently needed to archive models to free up space.  I did this thinking that when I unarchived a model I would be able to still access it through the associated App.


It appears that this does not work and a lot of my team have now lost access to their training Apps permanently.


I may be doing something wrong.


Could anyone confirm whether archiving a model and unarchiving it again = losing the app is a "feature" or whether there is something that I need to do to restore an app please?

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  • R_Goza
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    You will lose access to an App if you archive a model.  If you want to keep the App after archiving a model you will need to change the source model before archiving.  For example, if you are using ALM and archiving a production model, you could change the source model in the production App to the test or dev models before archiving the production model.  This way if you unarchive the production model later you'll still have access to the App and you can change the source model back to production. 

    For the training Apps that you lost, I believe Support can help retrieve those if you send an email to 


  • @TimWard70 Are you sure there were Apps? Maybe there were My Pages and only the user that created the pages have access to the training pages. 


    Apps/Pages related to archived models are not visible in any way. 

    However, Apps and Pages related to an archived model should re-appear after the model is put back on-line ( not archived). 


    Maybe it is needed some refresh on the Apps pages or to clean some cookies, but after a model is put back on-line, all the Apps/Pages connected to that model should be again available. 


    Hope it helps