ALM Capability in a Dashboard


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Can we have ALM capability / Button on a Dashboard . We are looking for specific features to be built on a dashboard

1) ALM Button on a dashboard

2) Restrict few WSA users to do ALM


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  • @CommunityMember125273 


    1) ALM can be accessed only from the "Manage Models" section and it cannot be published in a Dashboard


    2) All workspace admins that have access to the PROD model, can launch ALM. Only the access to a model can be restricted. For example: not all the WSA users can have access to a particular PROD model. This way only the WSA users that have access to PROD model can launch ALM.


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  • As per @alexpavel, there is nothing native built into the UI to allow you to do this.


    However, there are specific API's available for doing ALM syncs, and it is possible to configure a script to perform a sync on a model, and trigger that from a dashboard. There is a very good post published on this topic here: I recommend reading through it to get a better understanding of the capabilities of the API.


    As you go down the path of building something like this, the Developer Persona Hub on Community is a good collection of resources.