Level 2 sprint 2 2.3.13 Activity: Create Global Demand Assumptions UX Page


Hi All,

The task is to "Build the UX page using the guidelines that follow" (screenshot attached)


Previously I was asked to create some saved views to use for this UX setup.

However, It seems that time is both a row and selector, allowing the ability to toggle between H1 FY20 and H2 FY20.


Any suggestions or ideas on how I can achieve the grid with the correct tie setup is will be very much appreciated.


Thank you


  • Hi,


    I believe the option you'll need to activate is the within the context ribbon and is called the "Hierarchy Filter" when you edit the app page and try to edit the grid in question:



    With this turned on you will be able to show a specific section of months while having a selector to choose the grouping displayed. In this example it will be the H1 or H2, but this also gives the options to view months related to the full year.


    Hope this helps


  • Thank You!