N/UX Process Prompts


Previously processes run in N/UX apps for models would prompt a user to confirm processing once the button was clicked. No longer are prompts available and processes immediately run without being able to see the actions associated within the process. Is there a new configuration option to display the prompt message?


  • R_Goza

    There isn't a configuration option to display the prompt message.  This is a recent change based on customer and end user feedback.  Previously an end user could be prompted to click “next” buttons or confirmation prompts when there was no need for the user to take any action. This has been revised so that these model actions now run almost silently, only prompting the user when there’s something they need to do, such as upload a file or review import errors.  Hopefully these changes make life easier for model users as they move data around their models using model actions.

  • @CommunityMember81686Thank you for asking this question! My team was noticing the same thing, and I didn't see it (or more likely just missed it) in the product release notes.

  • R_Goza, thank you for the response. I understand that there is not a configuration option. The point of the question is that there should be one.

  • @CommunityMember81686  Indeed, currently the push of the button does not require anymore a second confirmation from the users, if there is no paramter required (upload of a file, choose manually a target element, etc.)


    This is also consistent with the classic interface where the non-workspace admins launch directly the process/actions without any further confirmation. 


    As @R_Goza  mentioned, it seems that this was a choice of the development team.


    Currently, it is not possible to customize in any way this behavior. 


    Hope it helps. 


  • Let’s get a prompt! The old classic dashboards had this option, so it doesn’t make sense that the New UX wouldn’t also allow us to prompt the users before running.

    Also, the default behavior in the old dashboards would always prompt workspace admins no matter what. As a model builder, I consistently check each step of a process by clicking the button on a New UX page. Saves me from having to open the model and edit each process just to see what actions are being called. The New UX should match what happens in the classic dashboards so we’re not losing functionality with the page builder. That should be the obvious requirement any time functionality is changed, rather than getting 50% of the way there but removing functionality that already exists in the classic model/dashboard building.

  • I also agree that the prompt should be returned, or at least an option would be made available to enable or disable the prompt when running a process. Our clients are complaining that a missed click will cause their data to be overridden.

    There's a post in the Idea Exchange for this, let's have this upvoted.


  • There is a checkbox at the bottom when you edit a process. But it never work in both classic UX and NUX.



  • R_Goza

    The ability to enable a prompt when running actions in the NUX was just released.  


    1. Go to the card configuration for the action 
    2. Click the Manage tab 
    3. Click the ellipses to the right of the action 
    4. Toggle the option "Run steps automatically" off if you want a prompt when the action is run 


    Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 2.26.25 PM.png

  • JohnnyC



    The prompt is now back, but you have to switch off the toggle for “run steps automatically”. Also, please note that the default behaviour will continue to be running silently/automatically.