Level 2 Import into SYS08 SKU Details module

Hi Folks,

I am facing error in Distribution center Mapping.

attached is my model view.


Please guide .


  • Hey,


    can you please share blue print view of the module? I can see a subsidiary view (line item applies to not matching with module applies to) on Distribution center line item.


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  • @Abhishek90 



    There is a subsidiary view set for Distribution Centre Line Item. Kindy make sure that the dimension that you have applied to the module is also applicable to this particular Line item. Once done, try to re import the data.

    You will get it updated correctly.




  • Hi Buddy,

    Attached screen shot for your ref.

  • Hi @Abhishek90 

    There are two potential issues you'd need to address:

    1. I see your Distribution Center format is set to No Data - this is basically telling Anaplan that you don't want to use this line item for any data/compuation. If you are hoping to import a list here, you need to set the format right. 
    2. Do check the dimension as highlighted by others too - all the import line items should have P3 SKU as their dimension. Anaplan assigns a '-' when the line item dimension is same as the module dimension. In your case, the '-' is missing in the Distribution Center line item. Either manually select P3 SKU there or just copy/past/type a '-'
  • Thank you so much Ankit for your guidance

    It works perfectly fine for me.