Level2 Sprint3 Import DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters from Datahub

As I had issue loading data from Datahub, I wanted to do a copy paste so as to go on (not a prefect process i acknoledge) but when I want to paste data in the DAT04 distribution center parameters module (in the Suppplychain) I got an error message. It seems the module is on read only.

I checked the parameter and as I am on Full Acces (and wkspace administrator ) and I cannot see any restriction on the Module I do not understand where I am wrong.

Could anyone give me some clue to investigate further more...

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  • Hey SPelot.


    It's fine, u will get this message when pasting totals as well. You can check values after copy paste, it should be good. As you said this is not the right way to do.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sai Bharadwaj


    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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  • hi,

    Thanks for the input.

    The issue is that even when updating 1 cell I have the error message (read only). I don't understand where I could amend settings to get the write access.


    I know it is not the right way but I am a little bit impatient so I wanted to go one while waiting for someone to help me in solving my import issue (see my post regarding Import Data into DAT04 module).

  • can you please share blue print view of this module? DATA04 Distribution center

    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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  • Just looked at u r previous post, DATA 04 module should have Half year as dimension, not week/month

    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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  • here is attached the blueprint of Dat04 module. (just so as to understand the write access)


    I will amend the setting to keep only HY as dimension. (it might help even if I had set a filter so as to show only HY columns.)