Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module


I don't understand why we added the code line item to INV05 module. I deleted that line item and I was able to complete the import process without a problem (I changed the time format to MMM YY).

However, I am getting errors in the presence of the code line item. I got the error "Invalid date or timescale identifier". When I changed the time format to MMM YY while importing then I got the error "Expected abbreviated month name in date/period".

So why need a code line item and how can I fix the errors?


  • Hi @TahaU  Could you share some screenshots or some more context? (share target and source ss or import mapping)

    I will take a shot in the dark and see if it helps you connect the dots

    Both the errors come up if you have say, the time in the columns but also have some other line items/columns in csv that remain unmapped. Say you have Name, Code and then 12 months as columns and you map the Name to the list and column headers to the months - Anaplan would then try to find a time period that is named 'Code' since it is not mapped to anything and column headers are being identified as time. 


    Hope that gives you something to proceed. 

  • Hi @ankit_cheeni, thank you for your reply. 

    As you said it was trying to import time period named 'Code'. I changed the saved view by moving 'Code' to pages and the problem is solved.

    I didn't understand if we created INV05 for this import, why we added the Code line item. It looks like it is nothing but a problem. Why there is the 'Code' line item in that module?

  • @TahaU 


    That is a good question and I'd like to give a two point answer

    1. First is simple, this is in consonance with the idea of DISCO - whenever you create a system module, you usually keep Code/Name/other properties as line items. It might not seem like extremely helpful in our current example but having such line items handy helps you 'calculate once, refer multiple times'. 
    2. Again, not extremely useful in the current example but you usually have codes and names separate and its a best practice to have codes in all lists - so if this module was being used to create a list, you'd have used the codes there. Furthermore, if this were a numbered list, then code is the only property you would use to map as it becomes the only unique identifier you control

    So while I agree it might not be required in this case, I usually map only by codes unless forced to map using names. Hope you appreciate the general sense of having a code line item