Dependent Pick List for Line Item Subset




I'm trying to set up a dependent pick list for one of my line items. I have set up the combo list with properties. The pick list is a line item subset. I'm not getting the option to create a dependency for my pick list despite seemingly setting is up correctly. Are LIS pick lists not able to be dependent?




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  • ankit_cheeni
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    Hi @nhardgrove 


    That is a great question! I don't think you can directly have a LIS as a picklist. However, you can indirectly create a picklist for calculations. 

    • Create an extra general List say, 'LIS Duplicate' with the same names as your LIS items
    • Add a list formatted(to your LIS) property using finditem on the name (say, 'LIS list' property)
    • Create a picklist using this general list in your dependent dropdown module (your mapping would now use LIS Duplicate list instead of original LIS)
    • This should allow you to use dependent dropdown on LIS Duplicate
    • Use this line item to lookup the property you created in step 1, thus reflecting the selections as per your requirement. 


    Let me know if this works for you. LIS usually are restrictive in nature so I am curious how you're going to use it after this step


  • Hi Ankit,


    This is a great suggestion. This is what I ended up using.

    I'm a bit disappointed that I had to do the extra steps, but this is a great work around.