Data Integration Micro Lessons


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I have recently completed Level 3 model building and realized I did not have a background to understand all the data integration lessons that were part of it. I did get most of it but did not really get to appreciate the REST APIs and CA Certifications and the lessons/granularity around them. 

I wanted to understand how important these are when it comes to our Anaplan Journey. Since the lessons were pretty detailed, I am assuming the learning team wants us to know all about it. But I have personally steered away from Integrations - partly because of preference and partly because we usually have an integrations team to manage all integrations. But wanted to take a general view and see if I should be spending more time studying about it. 

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  • Hi @M.Kierepka This is great, thank you! 

    You have created a mini learning path for anyone who wants to dive deeper into integrations. Appreciate it! Will let you know how it goes once I go through the lessons