Error with copying formula over


"Invalid formula for 'REP03 Profit & Loss Report'.Car Costs: Automatic sum of 'EMP02 Employee Expenses'.Car Costs over ---Subsets--- hierarchy is not possible as ---Subsets--- does not have a built-in top level" I keep getting this error when pasting a formula in from the learning center. 



  • Hi @kerrydionbrown 

    lets say if you have to bring the data from 3 dimension to 2 dimension module. Then you can refer the line item and bring it only if the 3rd dimension is having top level( means it has to sum all the values in left out dimension to a single level - basically anaplan will feed this data in top level). 

    In your case if you want to bring the data then just add top level item in your list or subset of that list. 


  • Hi @kerrydionbrown ,

    According to the error message pasted on the post,
    It seems that the hierarchy applied in the module in which the formula is applied seems to be missing a top Level.


    Like this you can assign a Top Level to the Hierarchy and it would help you to resolve this Issue.

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  • My guess is that you have the wrong Applies To set for your line item. The "---Subsets---" list is meant to be a section header and not used as the Applies To for any line items. I suggest reviewing your Applies To and line item formats in the source and target modules.