Look Up Not Working


Hi Community,


I have a source module with dimensions of P2 (P1 is the parent of P2), In the target I have a dimensions of D1. I have one to one mapping done from D1 to P1 in a separate line item with dimensions as D1 and formatting as P1.


When I use lookup formulae the data is not coming to target module.


Any reason why this is happening?





  • Hi,
    I am assuming you want the summary values from source module since the dimension is P2 but you have a mapping of the parent P1. Check if your summary in source module is set to none since the lookup is trying to pull the summary and not the P2 corresponding values
  • Badam

    @ankit_cheeni , Thanks for the response. I have switched on summary but still, the data is not coming up. 



  • Can you share ss? both source and target
  • Badam

    @ankit_cheeni , Sorry due to client confidentiality It is not possible to share them

  • Firstly would have the D1-P1 map in a separate SYS module.

    Then your line item would be Source [Lookup: SYS D1.D1-P1 Map]

    Alternatively you can also use SUM.

    You'd set the mapping as P1-D1 in a P1 dimension module and then the line item would be 

    Source [Sum: SYS P1.P1-D1 Map]

    Good luck!

  • @Badam 


    Maybe you could share the blueprint just to show dimensions and formulas. Here is my understanding of your issue:

    Source (Dimension: Terr rolling up to Country):


    Target (Data List with a mapping to Country, i.e. Parent of source list):


    Target formula: 




  • Badam

    Hi @andrewtye , 


    The system took up lookup and SUM formulae. But system is not giving any data in lookup at the same time it is giving data in SUM.


    Any reason for this?

  • lookup - looks for line item formatted by list
    sum - looks up between two lists.(one to one or one to many).

    in your case you are mapping one list to another list. so sum should be used.


  • Badam

    @ankit_cheeni ,


    found the answer in the attached link. This is a flaw in the Anaplan product, I hope it will be taken up in future upgrades. 

    Lookup on Parent elements - Anaplan Community