export to S3 using cloudworks failing


I am trying to export data from anaplan to S3. I have set up the connection and it went fine. But the export fails with the message as follows:

Your integration failed because of invalid connection. Check your integration setup and try again.


Not sure what I am doing wrong here.


  • Hi @parteekkansal,

    The information provided is definitely not enough. I'd advise you try to run Clouworks process manually (do you mean that manual was fine, but scheduled failed?), and check if it successfully completes.
    You can also contact Anaplan Support, if the data/connection is sensitive, and you can't post more details here.

  • Hi,


    I found out the issue. The issue is with the default encryption. The bucket has default encryption. When I tried to upload the data to an unencrypted bucket, it succeeds. But with a bucket with default encryption, it fails.


    Do you know how to resolve it?

  •  Hi @parteekkansal ,

    For Imports between any two Cloud entities ,
    we need access to each of those , in general this access permit is called as "SAS Token"

    I suggest you contact your IT Team , they can guide you to get the SAS token for the encrypted Source in S3 bucket.
    In your process you can enter the SAS Token while creating the Integration Connection.

    -- ROHAN

  • Hi,


    the issue is not with the access. The issue is with the API request from anaplan. I see no way to specify the encryption header field in the user interface.