[New UX] How to change a picture card depending on user's selecting a list


Hi all,


I saw a demonstration of Anaplan and wonder how to change a picture card depending on user's selecting a list on NewUX dashboard.


First, I can see "審査" here (which means "under investigation"), 


next a client's supervisor changes the list from "審査" to "差戻" (which means "cancelled"),


then the dashboard displays "差戻".



I suppose this red and orange icon is a picture formatted card, but I don't know how to change it automatically.

Please give me some advise!


Thanks in advance.


Tsuyoshi Inoue


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  • Nagaraju
    Answer ✓

    Hi, please follow the below steps.

    1. Create a module (sys image) with picklist as a dimension and copy the image URLs in a line item (Image)
    2. Create another module with User list as dimension and allow the user to pick an image via dropdown (format it with picklist). Create another line item with Text URL format and write the formula: sys image. Image[LOOKUP: select image]
    3. Use this line item where the formula was written in an image card.

    It will fetch the relevant image as per the user image. Attaching few images.







    Hope this helps!