AWS Data Lake (AWS Glue) Connection with Anaplan



Can someone suggest good DL connector, which pull the data from AWS data lake (AWS Glue) into the Anaplan without manual intervention.


Thanks In Advance !


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  • hi @xrprasadx  what is the AWS data lake solution? AWS s3 perhaps?

  • Hi @joeymorisette ,


    I am looking for good integration tool between Amazon Web Service (AWS RDS JDBC URL of PostgreSQL instance) with Anaplan.


    Requirement: I need to bring data from AWS to Anaplan without any manual intervention.

  • Have you thought about integrating AWS Glue with AWS S3, & later on,  you can build a connection between S3 & Anaplan. You can use scheduler to run the integration process automatically. 

  • Thanks for suggestions, CloudWorks api can help in this case but unfortunately I'll not be getting any access to S3 bucket. With the help of JDBC url connection has to be established.

  • In that case, you can try with Anaplan Connect - JDBC connector. However, Anaplan Connect doesn't have any in-built scheduler, so you will have to depend on windows or others

  • @CommunityMember111277 is right, @xrprasadx , Anaplan Connect could satisfy this requirement but you would need to bring your own scheduler to run the batch files. ETL tools are common choices to facilitate transfers like this as well, would that be an option? Particularly Hyperconnect (Anaplan Connector on Informatica Cloud that we resell)

  • Thanks but Anaplan Connect can support PostgreSQL JDBC url? or its support only MySQL jdbc url as per Anaplan Tech document.