Code Generation on duplicate information entered by users.


Hey Folks, I am trying to generate code in the module in which user list is already applied, due to request from the team I want if the same information is entered by the user1 and use2 it should update the counter accordingly surpassing the users. for ex. if I have user 1 entered information as "abc" so the generated code would be "abc1", now if have user 2 entering same information "abc" so the code for that should be "abc2" and not "abc1". If there is any way possible do let me know. Attaching screenshot(examples) for reference.



Thanks, Anmol Sarna

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  • Nagaraju
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    Hi, please follow the below steps:

    1. Create line item Rank User. Here we shall Rank User list.
    2. Next step is to use RANKCUMULATE and cumulate the user ranks by group (input by user).
    3. Create Final Code by appending the Input and rank number generated by RANKCUMULATE in previous step. 

    Attaching the module and blueprint images:




    Hope this helps!



  • Hi Anmol,

    you can have a system module with users and numbered line item. you can give sequential numbers to all users in system module. in target module, you can bring the numbered line item, when user enters the text code, you can concatenate the text and numbered line item(use text() to convert into text) and generate code.


  • Hi @ManjunathKN ,


    Thanks for the solution but how is it checking for duplicity since I wanted to generate code "abc2" for "abc" information entered by user 2 if "abc" information is already been set by user 1. I want code generation on the basis of information entered surpassing the users. 



    Anmol Sarna