Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module - DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" failing


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I am not able to pull the data into the Supply Chain model from the Data Hub model. I get following error. I checked older posts, didn't find a solution for my problem. I have attached all related screenshots. Can someone take a look and advise. 


9.1 Import Historic Volumes

Model object "'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" could not be located


  • Can you validate that you have repointed the Source Model per the instructions?

  • Hi @vemakoti 

    I hear this problem many times in community.

    kindly understand the error. It says, source could not be located, which means it cannot find the source. 

    -In Import Data source, check the source label it is - Level 2 Data Hub**your name**. I am sure this is not your data source from where you have to get the data. We might have renamed the Data hub like - Level 2 Data Hub Manjunath. so, you need to change the data source.
    -Delete the wrong data source and do the import again from import data source through model to model import and do the mapping again.


  • Hi @vemakoti ,

    The error displayed on your 1st screenshot suggests that you are utilising either a wrong source for your import OR the system is unable to locate the source .

    I suggest please revisit the activity where they ask you to update the "Source Model".


    Hope this helps, Feel free to reach out if the issue still persists.


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