Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


I am unable to match my training screen with Anaplan document.

and i received fail message for 9.2 Import opening stock.

attached documents is the screen shots of my actions


please support .



  • sobaid
    Regarding the Time Scale not matching, I believe it is just trying to show you that the data is populated for only the weeks in FY19 and not FY20. Hold tight you are on correct path as of now.
  • Hi Sobaid,

    Thanks for the reply but I am unbale to match with same Anaplan training screen

    I am using "Week" as a time scale "FY19-FY20" for time range.


  • sobaid
    You are looking for Offest volume for first forecast year Line Item not getting populated?, if yes then as per the formula we have to look for SYS01 if the booleans are checked TRUE there
  • Hi @Abhishek90 ,

    Regarding your issue with your Time dimension , i think the activity is just trying to show you that Data has only been imported for FY19,

    Regarding your Import Failure for Action 9.2, I think there exist a line item called "Filter" in your source view which needs to be removed form the source view , Please edit your import source view .
    Just show the required Line Item and save the view once again.(Beginning Inventory is required line item in this case).

    Feel free to reach out if your issue still persists.




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    FYI @Abhishek90 @rohan.suratwale @sobaid