Time Settings for Gantt Chart


Hello Champs,

Is there a way to define the start of the year for Gantt Charts or to have generic weeks for every quarter (week 1 to week 13 for each quarter)

Currently if we create a chart it shows up like this-


With April starting with week 13.

Looking for something where we can define the start of the year as April & have week 1 here instead or have week 1-13/14 in every quarter, so April, July & so on all starting with week 1

Thanks in Advance!


  • Hi @rob_marshall ,
    Thanks for the insights.

    I'm not sure how I can leverage that in the current situation though as I do not have any time dimension applied in my module.

    Here's the source (input) module-

    & the output is the chart attached earlier where Anaplan auto adjusts the time granularity based on the dates.

    Despite the time settings being Fiscal Year, the chart assigns week 1 to January (i.e. calendar year).
    So if there's anything we can do to align it at least to the model calendar it'd be really great.

    Please do let me know in case there's any workaround to achieve the same.

    Thanks in advance! Appreciate it 🙂

  • Pooja



    If I understand your requirement correctly, We can handle it through custom weeks numbered list where you reset it every quarter and map it to Time manually/Hardcode.



  • @Pooja Hello,
    Thanks for taking out the time to provide a solution. Appreciate it 🙂

    However, I'm looking for the generic weeks specific to the Gantt Chart. If you see my previous reply to Rob, I've provided an image showing the source data where there is no time dimension but just the start & end dates as line items which Anaplan shows as weeks/months on the chart. So unfortunately the custom weeks solution does not work here.