Anaplan Certificate obtained from Sectigo - Private Key issue


I recently helped a client obtain a certificate for use with Anaplan Connect from Sectigo, using the document below.


The public key that Sectigo send as per the guide works when installing it in Anaplan tenant admin. 


The Private key does'nt work with Anaplan Connect straight away and needs converting from PKCS#1 (RSA Encrypted key) to PKCS#8. This can be done by using the OpenSSL utility and running the following command using command prompt.

openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -inform PEM -outform PEM -nocrypt -in xxx_48300_key.pem -out xxx_48300_pkcs8_key.pem


The resultant file generated should be used as your private key within Anaplan Connect. This isn't obvious, and might save you some time if you use Sectigo to obtain certificates.


  • Hi @paresh_kerai2 This is only briefly mentioned in our Interactive CA Certificate Guide, which is an excellent resource to be referenced when dealing with CA Certificates:

    Feel free to go through it, as there are many useful topics covered, divided in 3 sections - Provisioning, conversion and implementation.