BULK COPY - How to choose the SOURCE member and the TARGET member from a page in the app?


Hello Anaplan Community!

Does anyone know how to choose the SOURCE member and the TARGET member from a page in the app? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • Nagaraju

    Hi @NachoCuevas , you cannot choose Source and Target from a page. Instead, you may create a Bulk Copy Action, place it in a process and publish on the page. It will copy from the source to the target that was set while creating the action.




  • Thanks for your opinion @Nagaraju 

    That will be a great solution if the data needed is always the same in the SOURCE member.

    But, in this case, each month I will create a new version and, I need to copy the data from the previous month (version). Any idea?

  • Hi @nacho12 ,

    For bulk copying data between different version , you can create multiple actions on Page or Dashboard.
    But you wont be able to select the Source and Target from front end page or Dasboard.


  • @NachoCuevas Create a view in a module which will be governed with your dynamic filters and than run actions from one version to another version, you may set version as ask in mapping than your source will be filtered with current version and than you can copy to new version .

  • Hi @NachoCuevas 

    Bulk copy basically copies all the data from one list member to another list member and across.(even for Native versions).

    I could not clearly catch your requirement here, could you please elaborate?