User Selected YTD Time Filter


Hi everyone,


Currently have a developed user-selected time filter we use on all of our UX Pages.


Driving module: 




Page/Board Filter:



We just implemented the YTD summary yesterday and now I am struggling to get some sort of filter in place where I can check a box and it appears similar to how months, quarters, and years work when filtering for FY21 and FY22. 


I am open to all suggestions!


Thanks in advance.


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  • Nagaraju
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    As YTD is part of Time summary, there are only two options. Either a user need it or not. You may approach this by creating a separate module whether to show YTD.

    1. Create a module YTD check (with Users dimension). Add a line item Show YTD?
    2. Next we shall link it to final filter: IF YTD check. Show YTD? then Item(Time) = Time. YTD else FALSE

    End Result:

    Before YTD check



    After YTD check



    Final Filter module:


    Hope this helps!





  • Hi @Nagaraju - thank you for the help


    While this worked as you had shown, when I implemented it on our main Application it was not toggling the YTD column as planned. Do you have any idea why this would be?



  • Nagaraju

    Hi @CamdenMaggos 


    In the Final Filter, apply the summary as "Formula". Probably you may have not done that.

  • I forgot to apply it to "Users" lol, thank you so much for the help!!