13.6.5 Activity: Add Column Chart to Margin Summary Page- Filter Issue-Forecast months only



In the 13.6.5 Activity: Add Column Chart to Margin Summary Page, When applying filter am not able to find the Forecast months only, attached screenshot for better understanding. Not able to understand where i am going wrong


Thanks in Adv







  • Hi @Tejbal 


    Please create one line item  Forecast Months Only in SYS00 time setting module.

    Now you can use above module for you filter in the same view you have published. Select the module & line item from here as shown below









  • Hi Akhtar,


    Thanks for the reply. I already have the line item in the mentioned module. Its not about filters in the module. Its about the pages. Hope you got my point.






    Issur 3.1.jpg

  • Hi @Tejbal 

    In your screenshot, looks like you are try to find Forecast month only line items for filter which you will not find bcz your filter line item is in a different module so please select Sys00 time setting module & select the line item to use as a filter in your page


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  • Hi Akhtar,


    I am following the learning module as follows,


    Configure the Chart (Card Configuration panel opens) 

    • Overview tab:
      • Select view: View designer >> Custom views >> REV03 Margin Calculation
        • Confirm the Pivot is correct:
          • Context Selectors: G3 Location list, P2 Products list 
          • Columns: Time 
          • Rows: Line Items 
        • Show/Hide Line Items: Show only Margin
        • Filter: Time - show only Forecast Months
      • Title: Forecast Margin by Month 

    Please help me out





    Issue 4.jpgIssue 5.jpgIssue 6.jpgIssue 7.jpgIssue 8.jpg

  • Hi,


    This is the same issue undergoing right now.


    Is there anyone can help regarding Configuring-


    "Filter: Time - show only Forecasts months"




    It shows Line Items not Time.



     Time shows drop down list all the months.


    Anyone can shed a light regarding this?