2.3.9 Activity: Historic Volumes to Baseline Forecast and


Hi -


Super stuck on Activity 2.3.9 and for the past 3 days. Any help would be much appreciated.


Question 1 - for 2.3.9, what am I supposed to do here? The directions or lack thereeof are super unclear.Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 2.53.12 PM.png


2. When I'm try to run Action 9, I get this error: "Import into DAT03 Historic Volumes module unsuccessful: Ensure the column headers in the import file map to the correct dimensions in your module, then run the import again." What module is our target that it is trying to import data into so I can check the dimensions???




  • Hi @tspoon ,


    If you look at your Data hub module, your data & the time range are for FY19 but in your Supple chain model, Your model calendar starts from FY20 onward so you have to create one Time Range FY19-20 in the supply chain model to store FY19 data. once you create this module go to blueprint->> Time  Range & select the time range you have created under Time -->> Time Range.




    Now Run the action you will not get any error, make sure the mapping should be updated.


    Hope this helps





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