L1 Exam - Activity 5 and Questions 4 and 5


I finally got the formulas valid for Activity 5, but now the only values I'm seeing in Bonus %, Car Costs, Phone Costs, and Medical Costs is 0.





Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello!


    The formulas seem OK to me. Could you please confirm whether you have imported the information to EMP03?





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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Yes, the information has been imported to EMP03.
  • And this is my SYS08, where I had to choose the List: E3 format for Role in order for the EMP02 formulas to be considered valid:




  • Hey,


    From what I can see you're formula logic is correct, but it seems you may be missing the lookup data required. Within your module SYS08, do you have values populated for Start/End Dates, Department and Role? If not you'll need to import them. If these are populated you should get data appearing.


    For example, SYS08 should look like this:



    If that module is populated, then I think the only other problem would be that your Employee Drivers module EMP03 is blank.


    Hope this helps