Hi Team


I am having an hierarchal list (Product L1,L2,L3,L4,L5).

I am having a module which is having Product L5 list as dimension.

I have published the above module to the dashboard and also published Product L4 list as page selector and synchronized.

If user having access to all the hierarchy and user can select any product from Product L1 or L2 or L3 or L4 using page selector on dashboard and based on selection module view changes.

Now I need one line item in the above same module such that which product user has selected from Products  dropdown list on dashboard.

Note: Module is not dimensioned by Users list.

Can anyone please help me on this.







  • Hi @1635834 ,

    You can publish the module and create the line item you want .
    It depends on the Level of the Product Item you want to fetch ,  below is the similar example where L4 is applied to a module and L3 is published as a context selector.


    Let's say i select any item from Level 3


    This can be achieved based on the Level of Item you want to fetch:, below is attached a way you can achieve this.


    Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.

  • Hi @rohan.suratwale 

    That is not actually I want.

    In the below example which you have shared, Let's say user have selected "L3-3" from dropdown in dashboard.

    Then I need only L3-3 to appear in line item and all other should be blank.

    Please find below attached example.




  • Hi @1635834 /Shirisha,

    Those Other Line Items have just been displayed for example ,

    If you only need Name for the L3 Item , you can write only that formula,


    If it is List Formatted Line Item , you can use PARENT(ITEM('L4')).
    -- ROHAN

  • Pooja



    I think instead of a page selector you can use a field card in NUX using a line item to select the hierarchy and right a logic saying "item(hierarchy) = Hierarchy Selection Line item".






  • Hi @1635834 


    Short answer, this cannot be done in the setup you are trying n a classic dashboard. When you publish a list as a page selector on a dashboard, there is no way for you to reference it back in a line item.


    However, if you really really want to do something like this, here is what you can try:

    • This is how my example hierarchy looks like:

      L5 list being:

    • Now, create a single list consisting of all the items from L1 to L4. We name this L Flat.
      • Import list L4 into this flat list and map the parent to this List's parent
      • This will help you get the whole hierarchy in one single list
    • Create a module that has a list formatted line item (formatted to L Flat)
    • We will publish this on the dashboard as a dropdown line item
    • Create a Hierarchy check module (ideally you should have system modules for each level but for the sake of this example I did it all in one module:


      Notice the dimensions, summary isn't important in this case

    •  In your main module, create two line items - Filter and Selector Name and line items for parent hierarchies in this manner:

    • This would allow you to filter your main hierarchy basis the selection in single list hierarchy and will give you the name of the selection you've made in the dropdown. You can then select the LI's you want to show


      There are two flaws to this
    • This will show the whole branch, although you've selected 7, it shows the whole parent branch as well
    • You will need to refresh the dashboard (or create a refresh button that is to be pressed every time) every time you make a new selection


    Maybe you can build upon this and make it better