Percentage format issue


Hello Anaplan Community, 


I am at the beginning of the training program and have encountered an issue with the percentage formatting while creating several modules in Anaplan.


Let me explain : 

I am importing data from a csv file with bonus percentages by department.  In my source file, the value of my bonus % is as a decimal number.


In Anaplan my Bonus % is in Percentage format. 


When I am viewing my data however, instead of getting 25% (or 0.25 * 100) my results are 2 500% (or 0.25 *10000)



Can anyone please explain to me how to correctly import my file and format the values so I get the correct percentage?

Best Answer

  • Jitendra.Vishnolia

    Hi @MoraruD ,


    In the Manage Import Data Sources, pls check for the Decimal Separator. It should be set to DOT instead of Comma.



    Hope this helps