3 3 12 activity create product replenishment ux page


In sprint 3 Product Replenishment UX page the first card displays Planning period filter line item from SYS00 Time settings by month module. It is a Boolean formatted line item. By default all the line items are selected. Whenever I unselect any of the month then the unchecked month is disappearing from the display. In case if I want to check it again I am not able to do it, because it is not visible to check again. I need to go to the module and check it to make it checked and appear again.

Please check attached screenshot for reference. I unchecked Jan 20 and Feb 20 and refreshed the page. After refresh Jan 20 and Feb 20 disappeared from the page which is the second screenshot. After that to make it appear I chose Jan 20 in the page selector but still it is not appear and the chart and the data are not appear as well. I understand why data and chart are not appearing, because Jan 20 is not checked. Now if i want to check Jan 20 and Feb 20 again I can't able to do that in the UX page. Help me solve this problem. How to make the unchecked fields appear on the screen?



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    It looks like you may have a filter applied to the tick box grid. If you edit the page and edit the card, you can check what filters are applying to the grid. If there is one applying, removing it should resolve the issue.


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  • Thank you so much Adam. Working now.
  • No worries, glad to hear that fixed it.