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The data exported to excel from a module has recently had formatting changes. As of today, when I export a module from a dashboard it appears to no longer have formating. I think this could possibly be related to the maintenance performed over the weekend (05/14/22). Has anyone else noticed this? Will the formatting be brought back?



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  • luke_e
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    The recent release changed the file-type sort order on the Export process. 

    Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 10.35.14 am.png

    I think .xls was originally the default.. now it's .csv (which doesn't have formatting). You'd need to select .xls/.xlsx from the drop-down to get a formatted worksheet. Have already had a few users commenting on it.


  • Hello @MGerke ,

    Yes recently Anaplan has introduced multiple exports formats for Model builder as well as users,


    by default you might have exported the data into the CSV format that might have disrupted the formatting on the data columns.


  • Thank you, that is very helpful!

  • Agreed, it would be great to have Administrative functionality or a Model specific option to set the default export format.  The majority of my business users prefer formatted excel exports over the .csv.

    @VickiA  looping you in, maybe we can get this on Anaplan's radar?

  • Hi @MGerke , @Jsalvata and @BhardwajS .  This idea is set to solved since it was answered that users can override the new default back to .xls (the old default) if they want to do so.  Some customers have exressed the same thoughts as your latest comments, that you would like the default changed back or that there be an option for the default.  Since your initial idea request is set to Solved I have created a new one to reflect this latest desire.  If this is still of interest to you, please vote for it?  Here.