Using Delete from List using selection for partial deletion of data for current Month only!!


Dear Community,

Needed to check whether is it possible to delete Monthly data using Delete from List using selection for that particular current month. 

For example if we have data from Jan 2022 to Apr 2022 but we need to delete only the data for month of Apr 2022. How can this  action be modified since we can currently delete entire data using this action!! Any suggestions will be most welcomed!!




Muizz S.


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  • Pooja
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    Hey Muizz,


    If I understand your scenario correctly, please check the below solution.

    if it's not as per your expectation please revert back.


    You can't use Delete from List for Anaplan Native Time list, instead you can simply create 2 line items one is Boolean for selection of month to clear and another "No data" formatted line item to clear data from a selected month like below.




    Then create a saved view with the “Delete time” line item as a filter and import the “Clear Selected” line item from the saved view to the Churn line item having data.







    After importing you will see only data from selected months(i,e April and May) got cleared.









  • Hi @Pooja mam,

    Thanks for your response, But just needed to check whether this can delete data from the lists also as we have data in thousands per month. We are having primary keys in the lists which are formed by concatenation of various line items in order to provide uniqueness. If by chance any primary keys in the list also may get incorrect or might have some changes, we must be able to delete those as well & only for that particular month.


    Edit 20-05-2022: I tried using your approach but the filter is not being applied & the data is being deleted for both checked & unchecked items. Please suggest another approach or edit if you have any!!.




    Muizz S.

  • Hi @muizzsk9890 


    I reckon your data is some sort of transaction data where month is either a property or concatenated in the list item id/name itself. 

    If that is the case, create a month dropdown somewhere is a new module that allows you to select the month that is to be deleted. Create a boolean formatted line item that is true for all list items where month selected = month of that list item. 


    You can then use this boolean to base your delete action.