Excel Add-in - New item in list and list reordering issue




I am facing an issue with the excel add-in, I am not sure how to solve it or if there are any workarounds.

The context is, I am using an excel template with over 10 read-only connection for reporting purpose. In some instances, when refreshing "multiple connections", the refresh fails.
After running a lot of scenarios, I found the reason why the import failed:
- a new item is inserted into a list while excel is open (which seems to be a bug)
- the list is reordered

Test steps to recreate the error when a new item is inserted into a list:
1) Create a module with one dimension and one line item
2) Create a view for the module and import it into excel as a "read-only connection - Import is sucessfull
3) Add an item in the list and refresh the excel file. Ana plan will show an error: "Refresh failed due to an unexpected error"
4) Save the excel file, close excel, re-open excel and "refresh". The import is sucessfull: "refresh completed successfully with 2 message(s)), "Row dimension list has 1 new item" and "A new row has been inserted into the view".
It seems that a user will have to restart excel each time a new item is added to a list.

Test steps to re-create the error message when a list is reorder:
1) Same as above, create a module with a view that is imported in Excel
2) Reorder some items of the list
3) Refresh multiple connections. The refresh will fail with the following error: "The dimensions of this view have changed. Preview the connection before refreshing".
In this scenario, a user will have to go through the 10 excel tabs one by one, click on "preview" , "Ok" and "process with the Pivot".


First, I wonder if the scenario 1 and scenario 2 are bugs from the excel add-in? Also, What is the best way to have a good user experience without asking the user to refresh manually 10 tabs?


Thanks a lot


  • @RomainReg 


    If you feel this is a bug, I recommend reporting this to support (support@anaplan.com).  As for the second part, why are they using the Excel Add-in and not just a page within Anaplan?



  • Hi Rob,

    I will do, thanks :).

    For the second part, it is just because they want both options, excel add-in + UX.


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  • But why do they want Excel as an option?