Changing a module's dimensions


I’m new to Anaplan, doing my model builder training.I wanted to know, when I copy a module, if I want to change the dimensions applicable to that module how I can do that?I think I’ve found one way – you can go to Settings > Modules, click in the “Applies To” column and switch in and out fields that way.Are there any other ways? Can you do it from within the module itself, of does it have to be from the “Module” heading in Settings?


Best Answer

  • amanda_myton
    To change a module's dimensions, you can also open the module and click the Blueprint mode icon on the toolbar (it looks like a triangle). From the blueprint, if you scroll to the right, you'll find that same Applies To column that you can use to add/remove list dimensions from your module. Time and Versions are the next two columns to the right. Remember to select multiple items in the list you'll need to hold down the CMD or CTRL key.

    Also, if you need to change the dimensionality of the entire module, remember to select the lists at the very top of the Applies To column in gray. Otherwise, you'll only change the dimensionality of a single line item, resulting in a subsidiary view. You can read more about this in this article on Anapedia.