Level 2 - Import into SYS08 SKU Details module - Help please


Hi I need some help here please:


I think I've imported data in the Supply Chain Model P3 SKU correctly, however when I update the model SYS08 it is blank.


I attach screen shots of my :


L2 SC P3 SKU.png


SYS08 Blue Print

L2 SC SYS08 bp.png

Help much appreciated.





  • Aswinraj

    Hi Chris,

    The target (SKU code) you are try to achieve is on SKU levels and the source (Product Code) is on Product Level. So the target is not matching with the source data. I think you haven't imported the SKU details in P3 SKU list. See to it whether you have created the list properly. Hope, this will be useful.

  • Hi Aswinraj,


    Thanks for you help on this. I got there in the end (I hope!).


    Is this what I should have been aiming for?


    L2 SYS08 Import.png

  • Aswinraj

    Hi Chris,


    Yeah, you got it.