Level 1 Model Building Exam - Activity 7


I am trying to build out the UX but my data is different in some spots than what is shown in the example. Not sure what to do



  • Hi, 

    Check with the context selectors. Check that you have chosen the exact item as the example.

    Even after that if the values are wrong, check your formulas and calculation. You might have done something wrong.


  • Hi @pjc95 

    From your question i understood that you are building a ux page on Employee Expenses.


    Many times the data that we are getting is different from the actual data.

    in this case i guess it is happening because of the date format that you have chosen.

    the format that we should select is YYYYMMDD.Kindly check the custom mapping for line items Start Date and End Date of SYS08 employees module whether you have selected proper date format or not.

    What i observed in my case is if we select other format like YYMMDD or YYDDMM or DDMMYY or YYYYDDMM etc still anaplan accepts the format.And accordingly salaries and bonus will be calculated for all employees based on the start date and leave date.

    If our format is wrong then anaplan understoods the start date and leave date in different way and calculates salaries and etc based on the understanding.

    Hope this helps you to solve the issue.

    Thank You

    Meda Ganesha Manikanta

    Matasma Digital Technologies