Modeling in Anaplan with alternative tools: Part 1

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Today we are thrilled to feature Certified Master Anaplanner Mitch Aist (@maist1) in part one of a Community story on how to model build in Anaplan with alternative tools. Inclusivity and accessibility are key as we create the future of Anaplan and build solutions and experiences for all users and stakeholders. Mitch’s expertise offers a personal look into how using assistive technology can prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) or serve as an invaluable tool for people disabled in the arms or hands.

Mitch’s dictation tool of choice is Dragon Professional Individual by Nuance, and he also utilizes a foot mouse to reduce strain on the hand/wrist. In the below two tutorials, Mitch walks through how to create a model and versions in Anaplan using these tools in a demo with our favorite fictitious company from Anaplan training — Unicorn Candy Company.

Throughout the videos, you’ll see risk notifications displayed on the screen. Mitch chose these rankings because heavy use of the mouse and repetitive clicking movements can cause computer-related injuries, and voice input tools tend to strain the body the least.

  • Green (low risk) indicates the task can be accomplished purely using voice input.
  • Yellow (medium risk) indicates a small amount of mouse usage or clicking is required to complete the task.
  • Red (high risk) is reserved for times where a keyboard or heavy mouse usage and clicking is required.

Tutorial #1: Create a model

Creating a model in Anaplan with Alternative Tools w/ Mitch Aist

Tutorial #2: Create versions

Creating versions in Anaplan with Alternative Tools w/ Mist Aist

A big thank you to Mitch for taking time to share with the Community and for helping create an inclusive learning environment for all Anaplanners. Stay tuned for part two — coming soon —  where Mitch will demonstrate how to create a list and populate a list three ways using alternative accessibility tools.

Do you have questions on how to use Anaplan with alternative tools? Leave a comment for Mitch!

For more on accessibility, check out:

MitchHeadshot1.pngMitch Aist is a Master Anaplanner and Certified Solution Architect with several years of experience as a consultant, specializing in EPM software and business process. He is passionate about Connected Planning, and especially loves teaching and mentoring new consultants and model builders.




  • @mitchellaist - This is a fantastic and incredibly educational demonstration of your technical expertise! What an amazing way to share your knowledge back with  the Anaplan Ecosystem! Thank you for sharing this!