8 5 3 Import Data into Volume Inputs

Hi All,

I've seen a lot of different issues and answers for this activity, but I haven't found the specific one for my issue.


What it should look likeWhat it should look like

I got this part correct:

partly there.png



But, the finished result is supposed to look like this and I can't figure out how to get there


finished result.png




  • @dnd2022 


    Try repivoting your module with line items on the rows, Product and Location in your Page axis, and Time on the column axis.



  • I got the following

    pivot.pngpivot results.png

  • @dnd2022 


    You should only have one line item, Volume.  Please delete the rest.  And when you are doing the import of data, please make sure you are not importing into the blueprint and make sure you are linking product codes to the correct list.  Lastly, please check your dimensionality (Applies To) for the lone line item, it should have a "-" in it.



  • I also couldn't figure out how to delete the line items, but I did find an option to hide them
  • @dnd2022 have you mistakenly imported the file in the blueprint instead of the module? You shouldn't have product codes in line items dimension, let alone the subsidiary views. 


    Better start from a blank sheet, recreate the module and make sure you make the import while you are out of blue print in the module.