Format while manually exporting data


When we manually export data from the anaplan model, several formats of the data can be exported.

I want to know the difference between the two formats

1.Comma separated values(.csv) and Comma Separated values for Excel(.csv)

2.Excel(.xls) and Excel (.xls) not formatted

3.Excel Open XML(.xlsx) and Excel open XML(.xlsx) not formatted




    @medaganeshamanikanta  you can launch every type of export and you can notice the differences. 

    Below are some comments related to any type. 


    1. CSV files is a TXT format file. if you want see what it's exactly in the file open the file using Notepad. you will notice that the columns are separated by a comma (,).  


    2. Excel (.XLS): export the module in an Excel XLS file maintaining the formatting of the numbers (how many decimals are setup) also formatting the cells if they are input (in blue) or read ( in black).  The non-formatted XLS is exporting data without any formatting.  The XLS type file has a limit of 65536 rows. If the export action generates more rows, they will be truncated. 


    3. XLSX format: it similar to the XLS format, but without the limitation of the number of the rows. XLSX format can handle a much more number of rows. I am not aware if there are any limitations. 


    If the export generates a big number of rows it can be a very good idea to choose the CSV or non-formatted XLSX options to have the file generated quicker. To generate a formatted export file (XLS, XLSX)  it takes more time and resources from the user's local computer. 


    Hope it helps



  • Hi @medaganeshamanikanta  - Adding on to Alex, do remember that you cannot save any formatting in a CSV file but it could only be saved in xls or xlsx files. So, if you want to add any formatting like adding colors to cells, make text bold etc, you should save the file in xls or xlsx.

  • I have found the difference between "Comma separated values(.csv) and Comma Separated values for Excel(.csv)".

    In the file of Comma Separated values for Excel(.csv), there is a BOM at the beginning to identify whether the encode of the file is UTF-8. While in the file of Comma separated values(.csv), there is no BOM but just begin with the contents of the file.