Level 2 - Update DEM03 Demand Forecast Module


Hi I dont think I'm doing this right.


I've produced a correct looking output - which disappears when I change Hierarchy levels. The clue I think is in the words " Next, look at the Summary Method settings for the line items. 

  • The Demand Forecast values will be viewed at every level of the Product hierarchy - by Product Family, Products, and product SKU.

So, the correct looking answer works. however If I changed hierarchy the 'Boolean boxes' disappear, and I cannot make any of the DCA changes.


I'd be grateful of a steer on this. Thanks.




  • Pooja




    If I understand your issue correctly,

    Line items will be editable only for the lowest level of the hierarchy, you can summary of the Override to either "Any" or "All ".

  • Hi @ChrisG532 ,

    You would only be able to Enter any Data or make any changes to the Data if you are at the lowest level of any Hierarchy,

    However if you move to any of the Upper Level , you would be able to see/view the aggregated data but wont be able to make any changes.


  • Hi rohan,

    Thanks for your help - I got there !