Cloudworks integration - import action with input parameter


Hi All,


I have an import action which required a target period as an input parameter to execute it. Then, a Cloudworks integration has been setup to execute this action. However, there is no way for me to input or setup the input parameter. 


The cloudworks integration failed with the missing input parameter.


Any idea to get it work?





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  • Ivan_Lo_
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    A user want to import Opening Balance in the starting period every year.

    And the data source is from Azure, not within Anaplan.

    Even Cloudworks allow setup the action input parameter, it is still a challenge on how to populate the parameter dynamically into the setting. 


    I think the ideal solution is populate the target period from the source data. 






  • Hi @Ivan_Lo_,

    Unfortunately, such option is not available (yet?) in CloudWorks. I'd ask why you need dynamic period selection, and how CloudWorks would know which one it should put for a specific run? If it should be i.e. new month every time, then maybe you can make it two-step process:

    1. Update "Current Month" line item (in some SYS module), using this method:
    2. Pull this value to your import source view, and map this new column to your target Time dimension.

    Hope it helps, please let me know if you tried this, and it worked or not.

  • Yes, the best solution is to get this information from the source in a column (general rule is always fixing/refining you data in source - Anaplan is not data lake/warehouse/ETL system).

    Another way can be setting up staging area in Anaplan - you import the data (to module without Time dimensions), then you pick/map based on some calcs/settings what should be the target period, and reimport it to the actual target module (with Time dimension).