Advice on steps for building a Anaplan Model from scratch




I'm going to be building a Anaplan model from scratch and would like advice on what order my task and steps for building the model should be to make sure I'm building most efficiently for Anaplan. I have already created a Schema using the DISCO method for Anaplan, and also created a timeline with task that will be done along the way. Before I start a model build I would love suggestions on what else I should do or include on my documents before building? Timeline and Schema are attached (theses are still works in progress). 


Thank you 


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  • ryan_kohn
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    @neg177 Anaplan has a good framework available for considerations when building out a new use case, which is called The Anaplan Way.


    One of the key concepts is being mindful of the "Four Cornerstones" during every phase of the project:

    • Process
    • Data
    • Model
    • Deployment


    It appears that you have only considered the Model cornerstone. While this is certainly important, make sure not to forget the other cornerstones as those will also impact the success of your work. I recommend either reading through the guide or going through the Anaplan Way course (available on-demand at no cost).


    Lastly, on the technical side, in addition to following DISCO, don't forget to round out your design by focusing on other aspects of the PLANS best practice standard, including a solid plan for the User Experience, and the Planual standard.