MONTH into Weeks with suitable example


I am Having Query, in model building i have set the calender to months. but i want to see data in weeks what i have to do see weekly data and what are functions can i use or by changeing calender data loss pop-up is shown.



can anyone please share the answer for bove question



  • Hi @ssashish786 , 

    Changing Time aggregation in the Time setting may lead to data loss as it is given. I want to know, how many places you want data in Weekly. If it is in less number of modules, you can have a manual week formation and have data at that level. 
    For Example:
    Week1Jan - Parent Jan 22
    Week2Jan - Parent Jan 22 
    #1 Week 1 -   Parent: JAN 22

    #2 Week 2 -   Parent: JAN 22



    #5 Week 1 - Parent: Feb 22

    and so on. 

    Then map this list to each Parent Item using system month as it is shown. You can get the summary values from this customized weekly list. 

    Hope this helps.


    Puneeth HP

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  • Depending on how you want the week-level data, there are two options:

    1. If you simply want the month-level value to be "copied down" into the week-level line item, you can use the formula MONTHVALUE().

    2. If you need to "disaggregate" the month-level value (for example, evenly dividing the month value into week values), then you need to write a formula to take the month value and write in the logic to disaggregate the value.


    In either case, you need a separate line item that is dimensioned by Weeks and not Months.