L2 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 DEM03

The micro-lesson on 2.4.3 shows some different formulas than I have been using and then 2.4.4 shows the fy21 baseline forecast populated. Is this information to be updated further in the L2 Sprint or where am I making a mistake?


  • Attaching all of the images here. I am also not sure why the "0" is showing up for "override forecast" in my module but not on the version it should look like. DEM03 fy21.pngL2 DEM03.png2.4.3 L2.png2.4.4 L2.pngDEM03 Module L2.png

  • Answered my own question about the 0s as I put in DCA. Hoping the rest of the numbers and formulas fill out as I continue on Sprint 2