Conditional formatting

I have added the conditional formatting for Final Forecast, but not sure what to do for Initial Demand Forecast to make it look like the material provided screenshot. material.png


Here is the rule I have in place currently conditional formatting final forecast.png


My other question is if it is okay that I do not have any data like the material shows for FY21?



  • FYI @pjc95 I have moved your post to the Academy & Training forum.


    Re your question on conditional formatting, I recommend checking your summary methods for the involved line items. However, since you also mention that you have some missing data for FY21, it sounds like you need to validate that you have loaded the data correctly, and this may also be why your conditional formatting is not working correctly.

  • 1. Is there any way to get the "Initial Demand Forecast" and "Final Forecast" column headers to be as close to each other as they are on the graphic from material with the same time range or is it just two screenshots stitched together?

    2. The only data that we override per the spring was for Nutzo Bar EN Candate Week 2 FY20 during 2.4.4 to 62 but the graphic in shows SF Bay Water Taffy EN for Candy Storevu. Where did this happen? How can I validate that I have loaded the data correctly?

    2. What should I be looking for in summary methods?

    3. Does conditional formatting only show on saved views or does it save to whole module?

    4. says "The default Summary Method setting for the new line item, Forecast cf, is SUM. The line item adds up the total of all items in the P2 Products, P1 Product Family level, and all Time summaries - creating a value greater than or equal to 1 and the conditional formatting is applied." Does that mean to leave it as SUM or change to NONE?
  • Also, I am not sure if it is related, but Anaplan is running really slow right now. Is there scheduled maintenance happening or is it because my model is messed up?
  • 1. Yes, you can Pivot the grid view of a module to nest the dimensions and use Show/Hide to show specific columns.


    2. I'm not sure about the specific pivot shown in the instructions, but if you navigate to the item where you have overriden the value, you should see the conditional formatting applied. For what it's worth, my completed model has the same override you have and not the one in the screenshot you shared.


    3. Validate that your Summary method is set to Sum (this is the default, so it's probably correct).


    4. Per the documentation on Conditional Formatting, it is specific to the view: "Note: You must save a view of your module to retain conditional formatting."


    5. Answered in (3) above.

  • @pjc95 wrote:
    Also, I am not sure if it is related, but Anaplan is running really slow right now. Is there scheduled maintenance happening or is it because my model is messed up?

    For future reference, you can check the Anaplan Status page to determine if there are any issues or scheduled maintenance happening.


    There was an issue reported around the same time you posted your message, so it looks like you may have been impacted.

  • From your response to 2, so you do not have the FY21 data either?
  • Per Anaplant's reply and update we were supposed to update the module. Does this mean Baseline Forecast needs to be updated from formula 'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.'Offset Volumes for 1st Forecast Year' to something else to include FY21? I am ready for Spring 2 exam as is if FY21 data is not supposed to be there but I want to make sure I am clear.