How to Compare Text of One Module to Another Module with Different Dimensions




I have 2 modules, each is using a different dimension (numbered list).

Both modules have a line item which is a text. 

On the 3rd module that I'm trying to create, which is going to have the same dimension the same as either of the preceding 2 modules, I need to retrieve the text line items from both of the 2 modules. 


I'm trying to do the FINDITEM but no luck. How to retrieve a text from a module and place it to a different module with a different dimension?


Please see below screenshot. Thank you much.






  • Conceptually, there needs to be a mapping between the two dimensions, after which you would use a LOOKUP to get the associated metadata from the second list.


    So if List A is your "master" list, each list item in List A needs to have an associated list item in List B.


    List A:

    List A ItemList B Item
    ApplesPink Lady Apples
    BananasDole Bananas
    PearsGreen Pears


    List B:

    List B ItemColor
    Pink Lady ApplesPink
    Dole BananasYellow
    Green PearsGreen


    And in your final module, let's say it's dimensioned by List A, and you want to bring in some metadata associated with List B.

    List A ItemList B ItemList B Color (LOOKUP)
    ApplesPink Lady ApplesPink
    BanadaDole BananasYellow
    PearsGreen PearsGreen


    The formula to get the color for a List A item would look something like this:

    List B Colors[LOOKUP: List B Item]



  • Hi @jspascual 


    You would need a between the list 2 and list 1  and then use lookup to refer the corresponding display name for the second line which is mapped to the first