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I'm trying to setup a dependent dropdown for a line item that is a in list format where the list is a numbered hierarchy (mid-hierarchy). When I select my hierarchy level from the list, the checkbox for dependent is grayed out (all filter checkboxes are unavailable). Help!


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  • kevin.cho
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    Like so? Create a line item in your module that returns the current Vertical associated with the Account item. PARENT(PARENT(ITEM('T6 Accounts'))) will work, but hopefully you already have this in a SYS module somewhere. 


    You can then set the dependent dropdown filter based off the relationship between the T5 Territories.Parent 






  • There is some configuration required in order to house the mappings required for dependent dropdowns (also known as filtered picklists). You can read more about the pre-requisite mappings for either one-to-many filtered picklists or many-to-many filtered picklists.


    There is also a short video lesson about Dependent Dropdowns that you can watch for more information (~8 min long).

  • kjochim

    Thanks Ryan! I have read and watched both. Everything is setup per the instructions for a one-to-many. My issue is that the dependent filter checkbox is just not at all available to click. Any thoughts on why that may be?

  • Hey @kjochim - any chance you could share your setup so we can try to debug?

  • kjochim

    My setup is Verticals (T4) with Territories (T5) in those Verticals. My data is in a module dimensionalized by account (T6) that lies in the territory (T5) in the vertical (T4). I can't use selective access because I don't want to limit user access to the hierarchy anywhere else in the model, I just want to make this particular line item picklist dependent upon the vertical the account currently sits in. My line item is Reassign Territory. I want the end users to only be able to pick from Territories that are within the vertical the item currently lies in. I was attempting to use dependent dropdown but the filter selections are greyed out if I try T5 as the list format or if I make a FL based on T5. Just trying to get this to work. Any ideas? THANKS!

  • kjochim

    @kevin.cho Your example is ideally exactly what I want to do. I am pulling the vertical for the account via a SYS module that is setup. My problem is that when I go to format my line item Reassign Territories, I select type = list and list = T5 - Territory but the Filter is entirely unavailable with none of the options (including dependent) clickable. What am I doing wrong?



  • Two things to check:


    T5 Territory's parent hierarchy - is this set to T4 Vertical? 


    And do you have the line item that returns the Vertical associated with the T6 Accounts item in the module itself, with the same dimensionality? 


    Alternatively, try adding a property into T5 Territory that returns the T4 Vertical item (i.e. the parent) 

  • kjochim

    @kevin.cho I had the Vertical as text and not the hierarchy...😖 Thank you SO MUCH! It is working perfectly now.