L2 Sprint 3 INV01

All of the formulas seem correct but I cannot get Shipping Time Weeks to populate. Where am I making a mistake?FireShot Capture 019 -  - learning.anaplan.com.png


FireShot Capture 021 - Anaplan - Level 2 Supply Chain Philip Cramer - us1a.app.anaplan.com.png


FireShot Capture 020 - Anaplan - Level 2 Supply Chain Philip Cramer - us1a.app.anaplan.com.png



  • Hi @pjc95 

    I will suggest you to check your summary settings for shipping time weeks. Try changing it to none.

    Hope it helps!!





    Muizz S.

  • Hi,


    We are not able to see the complete formula in the screenshot.

    Did you apply LOOKUP for both Product and Shipping Method? If you have applied only for product, the answer won't get populated.

  • changed it to none and still nothing
  • 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product, LOOKUP: Shipping Method] is my full formula for Shipping Time Weeks
  • The formula is correct. I have the exact same formula and I am getting the correct values. The reason for not getting the answer in your case is something else.

  • @pjc95 @Saket2022 

    Is there a possibility that there might be a minor change in formula for TRA01 &/or the LOOKUP line items which might be not showing up the values in INV01 ? Need to do some reverse engg for formulas on this. 

    Please let me know if any one has got it through!!





    Muizz S.

  • Please share your TRA01 module screen and SYS08 module screen. May be there is an issue in one of those modules?

    @pjc95 @muizzsk9890 

  • The blue print view is exactly the same as mine. Did you find where the mistake was? If not, can you also share the regular view of TRA01 and SYS08?

  • Figured it all out! My shipping costs formula had switched order of operations.

  • Referencing the most recent screenshots posted, in the SYS08 Module, what is needed in order for the Supplied By column to be populated. I'm thinking that I missed a step in the exercise but the lack of that data is causing the Shipping Method and Time to be nulled out in my INV01 model.